Make your beauty treatments last

Recommended as adjunctive therapy for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, a professional beauty drink for preserving the high volume of your skin.


Professional volume lifting from the inside

Collagen fibers are largely responsible for the firmness and volume of the skin, but their production decreases over the years, which leads to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles. Milieu Beauty™ Drink counteracts this process by providing the body with all the biological ingredients needed to build collagen fibers in synergy to support the integration.


The importance of building volume from the inside

While various medical aesthetic and cosmetic treatments use externally applied active ingredients and cosmetic devices to increase skin firmness from the outside, Milieu Beauty™ assists this process from the inside by providing the ingredients needed to produce collagen in the skin in an ideal composition.
Achieving spectacular and long-lasting results is only possible by combining external treatments with internal supplementation for proper skin volume to support the optimal function, which is typical for younger-looking skin.
Milieu Beauty™ keeps beauty at a level: by drinking it, the effects of medical aesthetic and cosmetic treatment can be more spectacular and lasting.

Synergic Volume Complex for strengthening the structure of the skin

The soul of Milieu Beauty Drink™ is the Synergic Volume Complex, which contains the whole spectrum of ingredients that are responsible for the volume and fullness of the skin, all in perfect synergy. One of the main active ingredients is a special collagen peptide, which is complemented by a large amount of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, C, E, B vitamins, and organically bound minerals. According to the team of pharmacists who developed the formula, these ingredients can be found in such a ratio and quantity that is specifically optimized for the most efficient skin function and collagen absorption.

Full value and delicious therapy at home

The most pleasant part of becoming more beautiful is drinking a glass of Milieu Beauty™: the individually packaged portions perfectly dissolve in water, so you can drink your daily dose wherever and whenever you want. Thanks to its sugar-free formula, you do not have to worry about calories either, while the lack of aftertaste and refreshing flavors (raspberry, pineapple) will make sure you can easily find your favorite. To achieve ideal results, we recommend a 3-month-long Milieu Beauty™ professional beauty therapy, which you can start weeks before your scheduled cosmetic and medical aesthetic treatment.


Stay beautiful with professional therapy

Firm skin full of life

Comprehensive anti-aging effect

Long-lasting beauty treatments

Delicious and lasting


Recommended by experts

As a beautician who has encountered a lot of collagen drinks, I can confirm that after using this product, I see positive results. In the quality of nails, hair and after a month of use in the quality of the skin too. The ratio of quality and price is balanced. Clients to whom I have recommended this “beauty drink” also share my opinion.

Mgr. Ildikó Drgoňová

BEAUTYDERM face&body care

I want my clients to come back to me because they know that I will do everything to keep them looking youthful.
Therefore, I not only treat their skin from the outside, but I also give them advice on the right lifestyle, and I recommend them to use Milieu Beauty™ drink.

Henrietta CSÓKA


We strive for comprehensive care for our clients in our salon. We solve many problems such as sagging skin, cellulite, stretch marks, and obesity. We know that each of these problems needs to be treated from the outside as well as from the inside. The properly chosen procedure, along with the recommendation of a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand, which is why our salon recommends to our clients to use Milieu products.

Adriana Stará

Beauty salon owner


Synergic Volume Complex

A unique, scientifically developed skin-nourishing formula in every glass of Milieu Beauty Drink™.

What does the skin need?

There are many different vitamins and collagen products out there, however, it is not guaranteed they will work well together. Up until this point it was basically impossible to find a product that mixes high-efficiency collagen peptides with the optimal combination of hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Developed by the experts at Milieu Beauty™, Synergic Volume Complex contains just the right amount of ingredients your skin needs to help absorption while also providing a comfortable and perfect way to increase the volume of the skin from the inside.


What's the secret behind Milieu Beauty™ Drink?

Scientifically selected nutrients for the skin

Milieu Beauty™ was created by pharmaceutical experts who made sure that only the cleanest and highest-quality ingredients become a part of the formula. By having complete synergy, the effects can be much more effective instead of taking separate products.

Recommended by cosmetic experts

More and more aesthetic doctors and cosmetic experts acknowledge the positive effects of Milieu Beauty's professional beauty drink, which helps to make their treatments more spectacular and long-lasting. Just like the experts at Milieu Beauty™, they also recommend a 3-month-long therapy for the most optimal results.

Beneficial effects on the skin, hair, and nails

No one can guess the age of those who use Milieu Beauty™. Even if you do not count the positive effects on beauty, used by itself has many great benefits. Every part of your skin will become smoother, plumper, and firmer, the nails get stronger, while the hair becomes livelier.


Customer reviews

I have tested the product for 1 month. My friends also noticed that my face looks much smoother and tighter.


I always look forward to getting up and drinking the next one. Very good thing that besides the collagen drink is delicious, I am going to be beautiful.


It tastes way better than any other collagen drink I have tried before.



And get ready to make heads turn with Milieu Beauty™ Drink!

Easy beauty therapy for your skin every day

Individually packaged

It dissolves immediately with no lumps, ready to drink in a minute. You will not even need a blender!

Raspberry and pineapple flavors

We were able to create these delicious flavors after months of development. We also eliminated the traces of the typical aftertaste that tends to be in most collagen drinks.

Works great with any diet

It does not contain lactose, gluten, or added sugar, so it does not cause a problem even on a stricter diet. You can drink it any time of the day.


MORE THAN 49 local AESTHETIC DOCTORS and COSMETIC EXPERTS are recommending Milieu Beauty™ Drink to their clients


If you have been regularly enjoying Milieu Beauty™ drinks for at least 2 months, you're probably happy to talk about all the positive changes you've noticed on yourself. Inspire others by sharing your opinion!

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