About Us

If your body is working well, it shows from the outside. Your happiness is more influential than you think, which is why we named our brand Milieu Beauty because we know that our well-being and a balanced life affect our environment and the people around us.

As the founders of Milieu, we believe collagen has the power to change your skin and your attitude, too. We’ve been formulating food supplements for 15 years, so when our friends asked us for anti-ageing ingredients and tips, we knew that the secret to preserving youth should come from supplements, not from cosmetics.

Hundreds of working hours have gone into every Milieu sachet and this isn’t the only thing that makes our brand so special. Our collagen formula offers a multi-sensory experience: we took the taste, the smell, the colour and even the touch of this product to the next level. And do you know what the best part of sharing our formula with our female friends was? When they told us about all the compliments they received.

Now it’s your turn to join us on our journey to a healthier, happier life. Choose from our yummy fruity flavours that have been created with only top-quality ingredients.

We hope you’ll be hooked on the feeling of well-being and looking the best version of you.

The Milieu Beauty Team