Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen

Whenever you want, one time a day. You don’t need to be on an empty stomach, and there are no other requirements either, the formula ensures optimal absorption.
Milieu Beauty™ provides your body with a bunch of important vitamins and minerals, but if you feel you need extra vitamin or mineral supplementation, you can of course take other products, as long as you take care not to significantly exceed your daily recommended reference values.
We recommend water in particular, which is the colder the more pleasant the experience when mixed with Milieu Beauty™ drink powder. But the product is highly soluble in both milk and vegetable seed milks.
Milieu Beauty™ professional beauty drink is suitable to consume every day, even continuously, without interruption, but for the best results, we recommend that you take three-month courses with a 1-1 month break between courses.
After 2 weeks, you may feel more silky on your skin, but you may experience more spectacular changes after 1-2 months of daily consumption.
Consuming collagen does not cause acne, especially if it is accompanied by a healthy diet.
Absolutely. Collagen does not have an impact on your period.
In general, we do not recommend using collagen during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but we recommend to consult with your doctor about it.
Yes, we recommend it every day. This is extremely important in order to experience the positive effects of volume building on your skin.
Milieu Beauty™ products are made using bovine collagen, so we do not recommend for vegan / vegetarian fasting.
Yes, if you want, you can take your daily dose of Milieu Beauty™ even at night.
Of course, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals have many positive effects regardless of gender.
Yes, you can use both animal or plant-based milk to drink it.
It is not recommended to exceed the optimal daily dosage amount, but a portion can be consumed in half.
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