Frequently Asked Questions

How do collagen drinks work?

They provide peptides and amino acids plus they support your body’s natural collagen production, which decreases with ageing. Drinking collagen can result in plumper skin, stronger nails, hair, and youthful joints.

What do collagen drinks do?

They can help to have plumper skin, stronger nails and hair, plus full of life cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

What are collagen drinks good for?

Collagen drinks formulated with sweeteners can be part of a healthy diet. Plus they can help you get younger-looking skin, stronger nails and hair, and youthful joints.

How much collagen do you need to see results?

Milieu Beauty collagen powders contain 12000 mg of collagen, so we recommend you stick to this daily dosage.

What to drink collagen peptides with?

Just mix it with water, but you can also have it with milk or plant milk.

What is the best time to drink collagen?

Whenever you want your daily dosage of collagen. It’s not necessary to drink collagen on an empty stomach.

How to drink collagen powder? / How to drink collagen peptides?

Put collagen powder in a shaker and mix it with water, milk or plant milk then shake it well.

How good are collagen drinks for the skin?

Collagen drinks can help you to have plumper, glowing skin.

Which collagen drink is the best?

It depends on what taste, consistency and ingredients you prefer. However, we can say that Milieu Beauty’s collagen powders with 12000 mg of collagen in each sachet meet the highest standards. Plus our formula contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals to support the collagen effects.

Will collagen drink make me fat? / Will collagen drink cause weight gain?

Choose a formula created with sweeteners to avoid gaining weight.

Can collagen drinks cause acne?

Drinking collagen shouldn’t result in acne, especially if you drink it as part of a healthy diet.

Can I drink collagen during menstruation? / Can I drink collagen during my period?

Absolutely. Drinking collagen won’t affect your period.

Can I drink collagen during breastfeeding?

Consult your doctor before you decide to take collagen during breastfeeding.

Can I drink collagen while pregnant?

Usually, we do not recommend any food supplements during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Always consult your doctor.

Can I drink collagen every day?

Yes, and it’s very important to take your daily dosage of collagen to get visible results.

Can I drink collagen while fasting? Can you drink collagen while fasting?

Milieu Beauty’s collagen powders are formulated with bovine collagen, so we don’t recommend drinking them as part of a vegan/vegetarian fast. In other cases drinking collagen can be a part of fasting.

Can I drink collagen at night? Can you drink collagen at night?

Yes, if you prefer, you can have your daily dosage of collagen at night.

Can guys drink collagen?

Sure, drinking collagen can have health benefits no matter the gender.

Can I drink collagen with milk?

Yes, you can mix it with dairy milk or plant milk as well.

Can I drink collagen twice a day?

You shouldn’t exceed the recommended daily dosage of collagen, but you can have it in two portions.